# 1

An avatar builder

Representing your diversity. Students can make avatars that actually look like them, and then use the avatars in their projects to form deeper connections to the content.

# 2

Themed class photos

No social distancing required. Whether you’re remote learning or you just want a fun way to show everyone together, Pixton will generate a unique snapshot of your classroom.

# 3

The comic builder

Where students write stories and imaginations take flight. Pixton provides an interface so simple that virtually anyone can use it, with enough bells and whistles to keep prodigies busy for weeks.

# 4

A vast library of content

We have more backgrounds, outfits, facial expressions, body poses, and other stuff than you can shake a stick at!

Access our lesson ideas for exemplars and inspiration for your next standards-aligned learning adventure.

Dog and Ball
PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Canva collage

Add-ons for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Canva

Just like bacon and chocolate, Pixton makes everything you add it to better. Check out our add-ons to see how.

Skin tones graphic

“Shout out to Pixton for giving all the options for skin tone when kids are designing their avatars. I overheard four different kids comment on being happy that there was a skin colour for them (for a change).”

– Natalie Ryan

Pixton Comics for Educators Facebook Group

Pixton superhero whoosh graphic

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