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Comic Creation is Proven to Work

Independent scientific studies show that using Pixton improves learning outcomes and increases student buy-in.

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ESSA Tier 2

Pixton has achieved ESSA Tier 2: Moderate Evidence across multiple studies, demonstrating that Pixton can improve outcomes for learners. This achievement was validated by LXD Research, an independent research firm.

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Digital Promise Certification

Pixton is proud to carry the Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning product certification by Digital Promise, signifying our commitment to using rigorous research to build the best, most effective product for learners.

Key Research Findings
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Students transfer the writing skills they learn through using Pixton Comic Maker to all subject areas

Students Develop Literacy Graphic 256

Students more rapidly develop and deepen their literacy knowledge and skills, including critical thinking and problem solving

Teacher Insight Graphic 512

Teachers gain stronger insight into student understanding, and can adjust teaching to meet the developmental needs of each student

Student Engagement Graphic 512

Students engagement and motivation to write increases

Mulimodal Graphic 512

Students improve their multimodal communication skills

Students Increase Self-Confidence Graphic 512

Students increase their self-confidence and self-efficacy with regards to life-long literacy

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Creating comics supercharges the learning of foreign languages

English learners using Pixton outperformed peers when tested on a variety of core language skills.

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Comic creation leads to deeper analysis of content

A study of 163 students showed Pixton users outperformed their peers when learning English language skills.

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Pixton improves grammar and vocabulary skills for English learners

Students studying Shakespeare remembered more details and understood story elements more deeply when using Pixton compared to their peers.

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avatar Christopher 200

I love this resource, but more importantly my students love it. They use it to show their learning, to express themselves, and to have fun. I have had many students ask to use it as a means of demonstrating their understanding of concepts.

Christopher - 6th grade ELA teacher. Ontario, Canada

avatar Michelle 200

It’s fantastic and easy to access and apply across standards. The premade lessons are a great prompt and helpful on the fly.

Michelle - 6th grade teacher. Canberra, Australia

avatar Sukai 200

The lessons on Pixton are engaging, grade-appropriate, and most of all fun. My students love this app as much as I do. I would highly recommend Pixton!

Sukai - 4th grade teacher. California, United States

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