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We believe that storytelling is the world’s most powerful force for communication and change.
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Our Mission

To enable students to show what they know and express how they feel, through creative and inclusive storytelling.

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Our Vision

To inspire a world where every student can communicate their ideas and feelings authentically through stories.

Our Team

Yes, we’re real people! We’re a small group of dedicated individuals motivated to help kids on their unique learning journey.

  • Clive Goodinson

    Clive Goodinson

    Founder / CEO

    • Started Pixton in his “garage” in 1879.
    • Earned a Master of Science degree studying woodpeckers.
    • Believes imagination could be “some kind of portal to the quantum multiverse.”
    • One of the above statements is not entirely accurate.
  • Louis Wiyono

    Louis Wiyono

    Lead Illustrator

    • Was supposed to be his dad’s protégé as a pro tennis player, but somehow chose to be a pro doodler instead.
    • Has been working on Pixton with Clive for more than a decade, 6 years of which without seeing his face even once.
    • Managed to read all editions of Indonesian-translated Encyclopaedia Britannica (including the index ed) by the age of 14.
  • Sidney Main

    Sidney Main

    Product Manager

    • Loves to make someone’s day better.
    • Has never been on a plane.
    • Is able to change the topic of any conversation with one smooth segue.
    • Relates a lot in life to Harvest Moon.
    • Starts a lot of stories with “I saw this video on TikTok…”
  • Ray Marasigan

    Ray Marasigan

    Lead Designer

    • Has designed many things over many years and continues to design many more things.
    • Designed something that made it into the MOMA.
    • Runs places.
    • Would like to create other things that get into the MOMA.
  • Joe Mazzaro

    Joe Mazzaro

    Content Manager

    • New Yorker living in South Carolina working for a Canadian company.
    • Crackerjack content director.
    • Artist and graphic designer flanked by a better artist and a better graphic designer.
    • Was into Pixton before it was cool.
  • Dan Arc

    Dan Arc

    Lead Developer

    • Has visited two world wonders, but still isn’t satisfied.
    • Loves all forms of storytelling, and would have gone into film if computers hadn’t existed.
    • Can’t wait to go for a casual walk on Mars.
    • Has a serious sweet tooth. There is always room for more pie.
  • Ana Carvalho

    Ana Carvalho

    Support Specialist

    • Could not survive in a world without coffee.
    • Has started over 5 different university courses (including chemical engineering) but somehow ended up in Theatre.
    • A plant mom.
    • Has played every version of The Sims available to mankind.
    • Has appeared in a hallmark movie!
  • Erlin Kuswandi

    Erlin Kuswandi

    Content Producer

    • Did ballet for 12 years.
    • Thinks Hercule Poirot is the better detective than Sherlock Holmes.
    • Still having trouble pronouncing the English words “three” and “food”.
    • Remembers the look of thousands of Pixton characters’ outfit combos by heart.
  • Tammy McGraw

    Tammy McGraw

    Chief Guru

    • Has had many careers: artist, teacher, administrator, researcher, government bureaucrat, business executive, consultant.
    • Has had mini careers: pizza maker, squeegee roller operator.
    • Is a doctor, but not the really useful kind.
    • Prefers a night sky to a night on the town.
    • Plans to be the last person on Earth to create a Facebook account.
  • Keagan Ricciuti

    Keagan Ricciuti

    Frontend Developer

    • Knows tons of trivia with no practical application.
    • Moved to tears when he thinks about space too much.
    • Hosts D&D games weekly but thinks about D&D always.
    • Cannot find things seconds after putting them down.
    • Programming is the first job that's ever made him want to go to work.
  • Mustafa Al-Ani

    Mustafa Al-Ani

    Full-stack Developer

    • Has lived on 3 continents, 3 to go (Antartica is too cold for me!).
    • A passionate developer and an ex-Orthodontist.
    • Food lover! Pizza every day! Always back up Nutella stock to not run out!
    • Always ready for chess or Call of Duty Challenge.
    • Addicted to the anime world since 2004.
  • Henny Yulianti

    Henny Yulianti

    Content Producer

    • Has illustrated and published several children’s books in the past.
    • Daughter’s name is her gamer tag.
    • Grows her own vegetables.
    • Has manipulated more than 10,000 Pixton assets so far.
  • Ivan Sanyoto

    Ivan Sanyoto

    Content Producer

    • Graphic designer at heart.
    • Heavily influenced by music, edgy movies and art.
    • Thinks Collective Soul is the greatest band of all time.
    • Avid collector of 80s era vintage toys.
    • Creator of worlds.
  • Veronica



    • Louis’ second-in-command visualizer since 2002.
    • Draws horses like no other.
    • Prefers music playlists that are stuck forever in the 80s / 90s.
    • Master of vector drawing.