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The Comic Maker

Showing what you know has never been more fun!

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For Everyone 1024

For Everyone

Creative comics, comics that explain a process, comics that inform, put yourself in a comic, include your classmates – Pixton enables everyone, regardless of artistic ability, to tell their stories — no matter the purpose.

Here are just a few of the Comic Maker features:

Captions and Speech Graphic 1024

Captions and Speech Type

Choose from speech, thought, shout, and whisper bubbles to communicate a clear message and convey emotion. Comics are a great way to write dialogue and tackle ESL/ELL/language learning. Add text by typing or with our speech-to-text feature.

Hundreds of Backgrounds 1024w

Thousands of Backgrounds

From school to home, the great outdoors, outer space, other worlds - and everywhere in between - Pixton has the background. Prefer to upload your own? No problem - students are limited only by their imaginations when it comes to creating a scene.

Facial Expressions 1024w

Facial Expressions

Say a lot without saying a thing. Facial expressions are an important part of communicating and the comic maker has almost every expression you can think of. This makes Pixton a powerful SEL (social emotional learning) tool.

Animal Avatars 1024w

Animal Avatars

Fancy being a lion? How about a dog, cat, or bear? Maybe a racoon is more your vibe? Elephant... definitely an elephant!

Actions 1024w


Run, jump, fly, hover, kneel, sing, throw, point, dance... adding a pose to a character is as simple as a click. You can even add handheld props and effects to your character.

Story Starters 1024w

Story Starters

Need an idea? Get your students' minds going with one of our many writing prompts. Have them retell a classic story like To Kill A Mockingbird, create a math word problem, or explain the hydrologic cycle!

Focus Types 1024w

Focus Types

Set the stage by choosing a location focus, or select one of the regular settings to focus on dialogue between characters. A dramatic focus can help create tension or increase drama.

Graphics and Word Effects 1024w

Graphics and Word Effects

Pow! Bang! Whoosh, Boom! Show sound on the page with onomatopoeia or indicate movement with arrows and clouds. Explaining the water cycle has never been more fun!

Creatures 1024w


Add wildlife or a furry friend to scenes from a growing library of animals. Want to add a pet dragon? No problem - we have it!

Weather Effects 1024w

Weather and Color Effects

Change the weather by adding snow, wind, or rain. Add a color filter to change the mood of a scene or turn your comic into a coloring page.