Classroom Fun Report

Insights from teachers about the current state of fun in learning

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At Pixton, one of our goals is to inject enthusiasm into learning. Fun leads to engaged students, which leads to a richer learning experience. To that end, we surveyed 276 teachers on our platform to understand their opinions on bringing more joy into the classroom and what barriers they faced in pursuing that goal during the 2021-22 school year.

These results speak to the ongoing discussions about the importance of fun in teaching and learning and the challenges teachers face when working hard to go above and beyond for their students.

Our results show that while teachers, administrators, and parents align on the importance of fun in the classroom, there is a disconnect when it comes to giving teachers the space and resources to carry out this important aspect of learning. Teachers cite a lack of funding, disruptive students, demands from administration, lack of time, and burnout as barriers to making class more enjoyable.

Fun: This year’s most anticipated comeback

Teachers reflected on their observations over the past few years.

Q: How often do you believe schools days were fun for your students?


Prior to Pandemic


Last Year (2021–2022)


Classrooms have become less fun compared to pre-pandemic years.

Just 48% of teachers reported school being fun for students last year (2021-22) compared to 67% prior to the pandemic.

How aligned are teachers, administrators, and parents?

Agree or disagree: My views on fun and joy in the classroom align with the expectations of my school/district and students’ parents.


Strongly/Somewhat Agree


Strongly/Somewhat Disagree

The vast majority (67%) of teacher respondents agreed that their views on fun in the classroom align with the expectations of their school/district and students’ parents.

Easier said than fun - Where is the disconnect?

It’s one thing to support the idea of fun in the classroom; providing the resources to make it possible is a different story.

This set of questions highlights the challenges faced by teachers in making their classrooms more enjoyable. While teachers generally agreed that administrators and parents aligned with their ideas of fun in the classroom, the reported barriers highlight a disconnect between the idea of fun in class and making that idea a reality.

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What barriers do you face in bringing  in more fun into your classroom?


Not enough time to find or generate creative ideas


Lack of funding


No energy/burn-out


Lack of buy-in from admin/parents


N/A (No barriers: I feel as though my classroom is fun enough)



What is the largest contributor to draining fun and joy out of a classroom?


Unengaged or disruptive students


Demands from admin (bureaucracy, testing, etc.)


Lack of materials or funding


Learning loss, or trying to make up for learning loss


Strick expectation from parents/admin/district



Here's what teachers are saying about fun in class

Anonymous excerpts from our survey

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Having fun while learning also helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable.

Learning can and should be engaging - the days are long if there is no fun and joy.

[We] have forgotten that we are dealing with kids. We are creating little robots that lack the fundamentals of being able to simply play with one another. Everything is so forced that children are struggling with creativity and imagination. I am seeing more and more children struggling and becoming frustrated because they lack these necessary skills.

It is important to bring joy and fun into the classroom. We need to support the students’ SEL and make school a place they look forward to coming to each day.

[Fun is] not important to me right now, I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

Engaging and meaningful learning sets the foundation for motivation and growth mind-set. Adding more fun and joy to the classroom is the key to success in the classroom. It has a positive impact on both the teachers and the students.

[Fun] is critical. I need fun as much as my students do. In a world where everything is life-and-death, a little joy goes a long way.

I believe that adding more fun and joy into the classroom is crucial. The current students (Covid generation) are extremely stressed out all of the time. Parents only want their students to be spoon fed facts that they can regurgitate back up at test time. They then put pressure on the administration to eliminate all fun activities. 

The more engaged students can be, and the more fun they can have, the more meaningful, authentic, and long-lasting their learning is. In addition, fun classrooms have happier teachers, making for a more cohesive and enjoyable learning experience for all.

I think students remember best when they are having fun. Sometimes that looks messy which is what my admin cannot tolerate. They want students to be sitting in a seat quietly, not engaging with others via hands-on experiences.

The best and most enriching learning experiences are authentic. Students are growing up in a volatile and unsure time. We need to help them feel joy. It is important not only as students, but as humans.

Having students love learning makes it easier and more fun for the teacher to show up each and every day too!

The difficulty we have in classrooms is managing behaviors before learning can take place. Many behaviors come because of things outside of educators’ control.

The added push to compensate for “learning loss” has decreased opportunities to make lessons that are joyful. I will keep trying.

I believe students need to have fun in school. Students don’t remember the worksheets they complete, but they remember learning about triangles by building a bridge with toothpicks and marshmallows to save Willie the Gummy Worm.

Teaching used to be fun. Administration and community used to let teachers honor their craft/profession/child development. If our needs were being met, then the classroom would be more fun!

I think students can learn while enjoying themselves. It might not be easy with all of the academic needs and requirements, but when you find a spark, it’s great to be able to run with it.

I believe that adding more fun and joy into the classroom is crucial. The current students (Covid generation) are extremely stressed out all of the time. Parents only want their students to be spoon fed facts that they can regurgitate back up at test time. They then put pressure on the administration to eliminate all fun activities. 

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