Elements of a Dystopia

by Lesson Plans LM

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Mind MapSix Dystopian Elements in
"The Hunger Games"
Uniformity/SamenessEvery person in the society leads similar lives. People must conform to strict policies of uniformity: In District 12, everyone must choose between a limited number of jobs and eat a limited amount of similar food. All of their clothing and houses look the same. No Free Will/IndependenceThere is no free will. Individuals are under constant surveillance, and are punished for independent thoughts and actions. A helicopter searches for, shoots at, and punishes Katniss when she hunts in the forest outside of her designated District 12. Corrupt Government/PropagandaA corrupt leader demands to be worshipped and obeyed by his citizens. He uses propaganda to brainwash his citizens to obey, conform and fear: President Snow shows his Propaganda film, the Panem Address, to all 12 districts. Segregation/Unequal PowerPeople are segregated with different roles and unequal access to power. The majority of the population lives in a dehumanized state of squalor: District one and two are wealthy and powerful, while districts three through twelve have little money or power. Perfect Exterior Hides Evil SecretThe society seems to be a utopia until an evil truth is revealed: Contrary to propaganda, President Snow has evil motives behind the current "peace." He wears roses to hide the smell of blood from the sores he has from using poison to prevent an uprising. Unexpected HeroThe protagonist is an unlikely leader, lacking obvious strength, experience or power. They have little confidence in their own ability and even in their own conscience: Katniss is just a girl from the poorest District in Panem but she becomes the leader of the revolution.