Montage of tree, therapist and child, comic characters, and sleeping dog

Virtual therapeutic self‑expression – with comics!

A safe space for creating a narrative. Support your clients' social and emotional needs with this comic authoring tool. No drawing skills required!

Assorted comic characters expressing different emotions

Role‑play through avatars

Diverse and inclusive of different genders, abilities, cultures, ethnicities. Gain insights into roots of behaviors through clients creating customized avatars and other characters, and placing them into a variety of scenarios.

Montage of sun, palm trees, rainbow, characters expressing different emotions, and two turtles

Make tough situations more approachable

Big feelings become mentionable & manageable. Uncover something meaningful through emotive text and images, using children’s expressive natural modalities.

Child character placing jigsaw piece with therapist and image of a brain

Educate on neuroscience and coping skills

A fun and engaging pyschoeducation tool. Use comics to help your clients understand important concepts around mental health, the nervous system, anxiety, depression and other diagnoses, bullying / self-advocacy and inclusion, and other coping skills.