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Creative Commons Sunday January 16, 2011

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It was supposed to be the wedding of my dreams. A little forest, Kissing in the sunset, and all my friends watching us.

But it ended up to be my sisters Wedding. It was exactly the way I imagined it. Except that I was the bride and not Elli. It brought me to tears, that the story of Alec and Me would end like this.

Like I imagined, this was the most horrible day in my life. But I was happy, because I knew now, everything would be over.

When they Kissed each other. I thought it couldn't get worse. but It did.

yeah.. really nice.

Oh Jocelyn! Wasn't that a wonderful ceremony?

uh.. well thank you.

Did I already tell you, how beautyful you look today?

we should follow the others to the restaurant

but why?

what do you want from me?

Me? Well Isn't this exactly what you wanted?

You and I? In exactly that position?

It really felt like in my dreams. My biggest dream became true.

I felt like a Princess, like in Heaven, Like the best day ever.

Stop it ! I can't BELIEVE IT! This is your WEDDING! GOD!

you're Lucky elli loves you, otherwise I would kill you!

I really was confused right now

My biggest dream was about to become true, and I i ruined it.



and once again in my life, i just had the need ro run

Just running, run run run. Letting all those broken dreams, and hopes behind.

run run run

just far far away

and never come back

run run run

run run run

and for the first time in my life... i felt free.

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cherrydarling♥ Pred 2 rokmi z Kanada

:( continue!


:FreeBirdSoar: Pred 4 rokmi z Spojené štáty americké



kkdo Pred 4 rokmi z Španielsko

OoO!!!!!!!!!!O MY...!!!continue plzzz!!!


ErikaBanuelos Pred 4 rokmi z Spojené štáty americké

Oww! Alec such a....I hope she doesn't die!


Starflower Pred 4 rokmi z Spojené štáty americké

Good girl, Jocelyn. ;) Tell him what he needs to hear. And oh crap. O.O That is so not good. Please please please don't be dead.


True_heart_susie Pred 4 rokmi z Nemecko

Once again I missed to celebrate my 200th comic ^^ damn it xD
but well okay
this is the second last part of the series :) don't miss to read the last and finale part of a Heady Tale on Saturday!
have a nice week!

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