Identifying Bullying

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Creative Commons Sunday January 31, 2016

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I wonder if I should call Janet tonight...

Hey Jason, did we hear you made out with Janet? Dude, she's gross!

I thought you would have had at least some standards! Guess not! Ha ha...

Define Ethos, Logos and Pathos

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Creative Commons Friday July 15, 2016

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At Harvard Law...

According to MIT professor...

I have a Ph.D.

According to 9 in 10 participants in 30 case studies...

The story of Mamadou is not unique. Without your help, 438,000 children will suffer and die from Malaria this year alone.

Point of View

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Creative Commons Saturday September 17, 2016

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Should I tell the story from the dog's perspective or the grandpa's perspective?

I'm a character and the narrator.

You should exercise 60 minutes a day.

Suzy wants to steal Joey's position but no one knows what Tim wants.

I am all-knowing and all-seeing.