My virtual life

Saturday July 30, 2011

My virtual life

This is the story of Sox'R'Us, a global producer of fancy socks.

Product design palo alto


HR Dep. Amsterdam

I am Max, the head of US sales, I live in New York

These are the people I have to collaborate with on a daily base:

This is eriK, OUR BOSS. His OFFICE is in London. ERIK is a trained engineer and he came up with the idea of colorful, individually designed socks.

brenda is ERIK'S secretary. she is the person you want to have a good relationship with. brenda does not like change aT ALL.

This is Ben, our hr manager. the HR department is in amsterdam. ben likes systems that have their inner logic.

Carol is our cool product designer. she lives in the bay area and comes up with a new crazy idea every other day.

THIS IS SAID, our it manager. he lives in karachi and he guards our IT infrastructure fiercely.

LIM lives in singapore from where she keeps in touch with the socks producers which are all over south east asia. Kim loves her gadgets.

I am spending 50% of my time in telephone conferences or AT my computer...

...and for the other 50% OF MY TIME, I am travelling between the US, Europe and Asia.

Arrgh! there must be a more efficient and joyful WAY to DOING business!!!