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Creative Commons Saturday April 21, 2012

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Ma no... that is not a good Idea...

Massimo...we won't invest in a hotel...

So we'll invest in game of luck?

Si.. Si...

Where is Paolo? he should be here...

he did not return yet...

Che Peccato... what a shame...

That must be him!

*Knock Knock*

Paolo! You old babbeo!

*Knock Knock*

Ah... it's you

I need to talk to Canossa

He does not want to see you right now. You did not bring what he wanted you to.

I'm not here because of the damn Necklace! I need to talk to him!

became scared, eh? Canossa does not want to talk to little Cowards!


Let him in Luigi...

Jess O'Liery... what a pleasure to see you...

what is the reason that you honour us with your presence tonight?

I'm sick of working for you and your little brown - nosers

that's no joke! I quit!

you really want to quit? how sad... well. I'll make you an offer...

An offer you can't refuse!


I'm not interested

I'll pay you twice as much as before!

thrice as much


And now get me that damn necklace or otherwise you'll get nothing but a bullet inside your brain!

I'll get it

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ErikaBanuelos 3 anni fa Paese: United States

This dude!


-Pups- 3 anni fa Paese: United States

I know I am a little late, but I just read this series and I love it, please continue!!


True_heart_susie 3 anni fa Paese: Germany

I'm glad you like it :) Right now i have my final exams in school but I'll continue when i'm done with them :)


-Pups- 3 anni fa Paese: United States

Ok :D


Saintsage777 3 anni fa Paese: United States

ohhh do continue


True_heart_susie 3 anni fa Paese: Germany

Finally i found time to finish this new episode. I hope you'll like it :)

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