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Inscrit le February 18, 2008

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34% Freestyle

30% Philosophie

17% Relations

18% Autre

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Where do you get ideas for your comics?

my personal experience, my socio-political perspective, my imagination

What's unique about the place where you live?

it's a safe haven for progressive open minded thinkers

What do you really enjoy doing, and why?

creative expression of any sort ... because it feels great

Where in the world would you most want to live?

remote ireland, spain or italy near scenic beauty, historic architecture and ruins, great food and the sea

What 3 possessions would you take to a desert island?

a jumbo box of matches, the biggest swiss army knife i could find, and a very thick book

Plus à propos de moi

Ma page de profil a été visitée 4,080 fois.

I was Author in the Spotlight on January 29, 2009.

Je viens de Wall NJ, États-Unis.

Je suis various marketing related.

J'aime progressive open minded thinkers.

Je n'aime pas regressive closed minded blockheads.