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Merry Christmas :D Write in the comments what you got! Artisitc means you got what you wanted Good Read means I didnt get what I want :( and Funny means you didnt really care to begin with! Rate and Comment I wanna know~

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JH555 il y a 3 années de États-Unis

uh...I got nothin' -.-'' as usual kinda, but a dude from my class gave me an awesome hat though :D

Ricochet Muffin

Ricochet Muffin il y a 3 années de États-Unis

Kindle fire woot woot! XD


Mogie! il y a 3 années de États-Unis

I got a kindle! yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!


popdude975 il y a 3 années de United Kingdom

these are only 2 of the many things i got i got a Hornby railway set and a samsung netbook in red


Purple-Star il y a 3 années de États-Unis

Artistic! do not want to tell but i got everything!


paulina:D il y a 3 années de United Kingdom

*clicks artistic* argh where do i begin!? igot knee hight convers with bucles that were REALLY hard to find, i got an my chemical jumper and their album, i got sims 3 and sims 3 tw ife stuff (and like in 2 weeks im getting the sims 3 pets:D) i got slippers ^3^ a WHOLE bag of sweets, some maXfactor makeup, lots of other makeup and i got lots of presents from my friends and as a non planned xmas prezzie from my other older friend we might go and see Gerard way LIVE (lead singer of mcr) AND might go backstage to meet him FOR FREE! (because my friends dad auditioned gerard way to this sing thing that we are going 1000110000%!!!) :DDDDDDD


Bermuda_Shelly il y a 3 années de États-Unis

I got an iPod Touch, a piccolo, and a year of +! :3


YungJj il y a 3 années de United Kingdom

Well I wanted three things: A new phone, a Graphics Tablet, the Bamboo one and a new laptop. Dad said I won't be getting the laptop for a while, he order the Phone, which is coming in 3 days and the tablet i'm getting next month for my, I actually didn't get any presents, but a friend of mine gave the family some gives....I got a hair-styler tong...but I think my hair is too short for that ._.


rock.the.beat il y a 3 années de Location Unknown



YungJj il y a 3 années de United Kingdom

A HTC something like that, but I ended up getting a SAMSUNG GT-15500


~Jack~ il y a 3 années de Australie

I got an Ipod Touch and accessories for that!


Japandaaa il y a 3 années de États-Unis

Got an iPod, straightenr, clothes :). My mOm bought me Pepper?


:FreeBirdSoar: il y a 3 années de États-Unis

I got an ipod..ummm art set....race car..and others i havnt opened yet

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Jessica :D

Je viens de your home cuz im a stalker (; jk, États-Unis.
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