On the Kitchen Counter- 63 Traduire cette BD

par Coroloro

Creative Commons Tuesday February 15, 2011

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I tried to warn you.

At least we have good light, here.

I'm sorry, but I'm fresh out of family-friendly things I want to say to you, right now. If MTV buys us, please let me know- I will be delighted to speak, then.

I don't think he's going to make a very 'sunny' sunflower.

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fat pete

fat pete il y a 4 années de United Kingdom

Great stuff.


Zzlfarb il y a 4 années de États-Unis

i just hope kao doesn't come by and burn the flowers...


SilverpenInker il y a 4 années de États-Unis

lol.... I love this comic a lot!.... and good job with switching the background up...


Starflower il y a 4 années de États-Unis

Somehow, I agree with Microwa- er... Blue Flower. =)


Axmly il y a 4 années de États-Unis

XD Nice. Great work on the counter, and background, as well. :D


Coroloro il y a 4 années de États-Unis

Thank you, Ax!! I used the same 'set' as before, but just got really creative with the colours and had fun with it. While it is the least obvious, I actually put the most work into the flowerpot- the set I DID work very hard on, but I made that a while back. I guess it look a bit more impressive with the new colouring? Maybe I should keep it, hee hee!


Axmly il y a 4 années de États-Unis

Oh, I could see the amount of work reflected in the flower pots! It is very good! As for the counter, I am amazed that it looks so amazing with just a simple change of color! But excellent artists can make the simplest addition make all the difference! I will say, it looks much more creative and professional then the other before. Just my opinion! I do think you should keep this one. It would be a nice change to the series. Maybe without the smiley sun, and the mouse ears on Microwave. Lol! And AMAZING work on the sun flower!
PS: Call me Brandon. :D


Coroloro il y a 4 années de États-Unis

It's funny that purosely making such a bright, 'loud' colour scheme actually resulted in a 'keeper'. :P But you are right- my previous colours, grey/white wals and a blue countertop, were pretty soft and bland in some ways. And yes- I have NO intention of keeping the sun as is, it is there purely for comical "Disney" purposes :P I really appreciate your input- honestly, I consider you a better artist than myself, by far. I just dabble creatively. :D -Patrick


Axmly il y a 4 années de États-Unis

The whole Disney idea is IMMENSELY funny. And I think it provides a great pop culture reference to how Disney seems to be buying everything these days! But these colors are much better, and I do hope you keep them. The brightness stands out, and in my opinion, makes me want to check out the series more when it appears in the list, then the other ones. If your works of art are dabblings, then I would like to see your real work! The things that you do art-wise are magnificent! By far some of the best ones that I've seen at all... and you are still kind of a new artist, so that makes it even more impressive! Your anime skills are outstanding... and I hope to see more of it in your comics! :D

eRiC fReNcHy

eRiC fReNcHy il y a 4 années de États-Unis

lol nice XD

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