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Creative Commons Tuesday April 24, 2012

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#### these over sesitive teachers and schools.

I ream many messed up stories like a sudent being suspended for hugging a teacher that stopped a fight...but this one...

A 6 year old girl has a temper tantrum at school, instead of being put in "time out" the #### teacher called the cops..

They handcuffed the girl and detained her for an hour, she was charged with "battery"...yes the charges droped but she has an arrest record and she can;t sleep at night...traumatized by this experiance.

I do the whole "Mr. Sage" thing to show how bad students and school drama can be and how stupid it is...

But alot of material for my comics are from the #### schools and teachers that are being bat#### crazy and ruining lives.

This is one of the main reasons why people drop out of schools and why people are not properly edicated.

#### it I am leaving this scene before i tear someone intenstines out and use it as jump rope...

Sooo I guess that is a no for teaching Home Ec. class today?

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Great Frost Hawk

Great Frost Hawk Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos

That's horrible......


Berghamar Hace 3 años de Islas Faroe

We need a revolution

Misted beauty

Misted beauty Hace 3 años de United Kingdom

Yes this is sad, one girl tried to hang herself once, it leads to drugging an all that under-age "stuff" anyways my school's GREAT ^_^


ErikaBanuelos Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos

I agree! XD

Georgy Girl

Georgy Girl Hace 3 años de Canadá

In my day, the teacher would have given you a smack! I'm not endorsing it, I don't agree with any kind of violence, but it demonstrates how much things have changed.


zzzeee Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos

I heard about that and i don't give a **** about the news


funcomic Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos

people also drop out of school because other kids are treating them badly


Saintsage777 Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos

thats one reason and if you watch the movie "bully" you will learn that adults are stupid on how to handle that


JH555 Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos

poor girl. Sadly most people don't get everyone so they just automatically thinking their trouble. Everyone is different and they approach things in a different way.


Rosie-xx Hace 3 años de United Kingdom

wow O_O


BlackKnight Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos

Just.... wow.....


ToastJammz Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos

I get it

Yuki Karasu

Yuki Karasu Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos



~Jack~ Hace 3 años de Australia



ellamousegolden6 Hace 3 años de Australia

Great Message!


Starflower Hace 3 años de Estados Unidos

I agree that the public schools are far too senative. My school is nothing like that, but then again I go to a small private Christian high school, not exactly the same enviroment.