The Fairy-Wedding-Father™ “New Year”

Friday December 31, 2010

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Happy New Year!

My 2011 Gratitude List: 1. Awesome clients 2. Phenomenal teams 3. Making client dreams come true 4. Fantastic events 5. Great new people 6.Wonderful Industry Colleagues 7. Terrific Growth 8. Giving Back

My 2012 Gratitude List: 1. My foundation. 2. My Two new books 3. Increased learning 4. Continued expansion 5. Great new clients 6. Amazing REAL friends 7. My Decor Product Line 8.Giving Back

On behalf of the entire family:™, NORTHEAST ¤™, WEST ¤™, KEY WEST  ¤™, SOUTHERN STYLE™ ¤™, ALOHA HAWAI'I™ And from lil ol' me: I Thank you ALL! For an AMAZING 2011! With some incredible things on deck for 2012!! Happy New Year!¤

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