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Where do you get ideas for your comics?

My ideas come when I least expect- I am pushing a cart out of a grocery store, walking somewhere on my job, have a random encounter- and wham, irony and hilarity hit me. So I write it on the back of a receipt. I now have a pile of receipts on my desk.

What's unique about the place where you live?

More warm days in the year than cold, LOTS of sun, more pine trees than I would like, and you can legally beat your wife on a certain step of our state house (ollld law still on the books!). That's unique alright!

What do you really enjoy doing, and why?

Writing (fantasy/sci fi), watching anime, and playing good plot-centred games. I love to explore new worlds, both through others and myself- and I love to share those worlds!

Where in the world would you most want to live?

Rural Japan would be my top choice right now. Close runner-ups are New Zealand, Australlia, Europe in general... and heck, I just LOVE anywhere intercultural, preferably warm (tropical even) and with good food. If you fly me there, I'll come and live.

What 3 possessions would you take to a desert island?

My iphone, a solar panel, and one of those tents that makes a mini-house. Then I could use the internet, be comfortable, and be generally quite content.


Only a fool learns from his own mistakes, the wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

– Bismarck

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I'm from South Carolina, United States.

I am a hopeless romantic.

I like cooking, writing (and reading) fantasy and some sci fi, intelligent video games, and anime..

I don't like country music, bloody/gross comics, angsty/emo comics, eating seafood of any kind.