Animal Cell City

by genevieveh

Creative Commons Sunday November 16, 2008

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Hi! Welcome to Animal Cell City! My name is Nucleus and I'm the Mayor. Follow me on a tour of my great home!

As we walk along the streets of Cytoplasm, you'll notice all the important chemicals and foods being carried throughout the city by Vacuole cars.

Our first stop is the gate to the city. We call this place the Cell Membrane, because it controls who enters or leaves the city.

Now let's go to my office in the Nucleus Building. This building is where everything in the city is controlled from - sort of like a city hall.

The walls of this building prevent some people from entering the Nucleus. We call it the Nuclear Membrane.

Oh No! We're out of time. We haven't even seen the mitochondria, golgi or ER yet. You simply must come back for another visit!

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