Louis Pasteur

by alongtime4life

Creative Commons Friday July 29, 2011

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What is the name of that scientist who developed the first vaccine?

He was born in 1822...urg whats his name.

Yeah and he also solved the mystery of rabbits, chickensd, and anthrax.

He was a famous philosopher!

What was he most famous quote?

"fortune favors the prepared mind"

What is his name?

It with an L for sure.

Ummm Louis..

Oh yeah Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

Yes, Thank You SO MUCH!!!!

Your Welcome

I was born in 1822 and i am most famous for the history of medince, I discovered ways to transform medince. I was born in Dole, France. I was able to figure how to pasteur milk (pasteurized milk is milk that is clean of bacteria and germs by being heated) so they named it after meh Louis Pasteur.

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