Elysium Rising Part 1

by jafwords

Creative Commons Tuesday April 4, 2017

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The universe of Elysium. Thousands of planets ruled by the Dii Consentes. Twelve beings worshipped as gods.

Perhaps he did not hear the summons?

Sister wife. Your son Mars has not returned to his throne. He fails to respond to the calling.

There is no possibility he was missed by my heralds. If Mars does not show he does so by his own accord.

And what of you Venus? Do you know the whereabouts of your husband?

Mighty Jupiter, my husband has always remained his own man. I do not know where he is or what he does at this hour.

I fear there maybe more to Mars' disappearance than meets the eye. Our brother Pluto has spoken of the vast numbers of Salii that have crossed the Styx.

By all accounts the Salii are taking their own lives. Thousands at a time. The Tartarus is becoming over run by them.


A vision has taken Apollo.

A war is coming. Elysium will shatter and bow to the feet of the followers of Mars.

What else do you see Apollo?

I see darkness. A new age is coming to Elysium and only the Punisher of Broken Oaths can save us.

Orcus! The punisher is under the jurisdiction of Pluto.

Mercury, send word to the god of the underworld to deliver Orcus to us. We will speak to him.

Meanwhile on the planet Aquarius. The God world of Neptune.

Stop in the name of Neptune. There is no war here. Why have the Salii come?

Kill anyone who stands in our way. Do not stop until the temple is ours.

Inform our master the trident is ours.

They showed no mercy, killing man, woman and child alike.

The Salii took no prisoners.

The planet Campus Maritus. The homeworld of the Salii. The god world of Mars.

Halt deserter. You have turned your back on your duty Captain Flavius. You have broken your oath to Mars.

The words of a traitor. Kill him!

It is my oath that makes me run. The Salii have fallen into darkness.

And now captain, you will die.

What the hell?

Who are you?

Then the Gods have cast their judgement on me. I am to be killed?

I am Orcus, punisher of broken oaths.

No my friend. I was here for your attackers.

I was drawn to these soldiers. I felt their disloyalty.

Then if I tell you the reason for my actions then perhaps it may help you understand the reason for my desertion.

But I am the deserter, yet you do not punish me for breaking my oath?

Things are rarely black and white my friend. There are times my soul is guided clearly to its task but most of the time I must seek the truth. Yes I sense the break in your oath yet I feel your love and loyalty to the gods and to the people. You are a true Salii warrior.

The Underworld

Elysium is in great danger father. I bring troubling news. I know why the Salii have travelled to us in such great numbers

Why do I sense I am not going to like this?

And fighting this war has killed many of them?

A war has started father. The Salii seek to dominate the universe and take total control of Elysium.

Then the souls travelling to us are the loyal Salii. Mars has betrayed us all.

No mother. A schism has formed in their ranks and those who do not follow their new agenda are exposed and killed.

The hawk comes with a message from Mercury. Jupiter has summoned us to the Dii Consentes.

The Salii return to their homeworld of Campus Martius.

The trident of Neptune my lord.

You have done well General. With this and his spear I can now set in motion my vision of a new order.

My people. Our time as servants is coming to an end. For too long the Salii have served uncaring gods. On this day we declare war against the Dii Consentes. We will not rest until all of Elysium bows before us.

An impostor stands before us and yet they cheer. This must stop before we are all destroyed.

I will free my sisters and I will bring death to all who oppose me.

Elysium will be mine!

Indeed my brother. Which brings me to you Orcus.

My brother, it has been too long since you stood with your kin.

My place is with the dead mighty Jupiter. But now it seems we all face a wind of change.

Rise my friend. Your reverence is appreciated but unnecessary. You are born of my brother and daughter. You are a god of Elysium.

I am your humble servant mighty Jupiter.

My brother. Orcus believes that this coup d'tat is the work of Mars.

Apollo saw you in his vision. He believes you are to bring us salvation.

I have seen the night descend upon all of Elysium. The peace will be shattered. Billions of lives destroyed.

Then my son has fallen from grace. War has always beaten in his heart. Mars is now an enemy of the Dii Consentes.

Please mighty Jupiter. My husband would not turn his back on us.

No. But war may be his nature but it is not what dominates his soul.

Then can you account for his absence?

I can not turn my back on the evidence.

The Dii Consentes has reached a judgement. Mars is now our enemy and Orcus shall fight as our General.

Judgement was passed and Elysium fell to war.

Orcus is still a god; he is bound by duty of the punisher. How can he fight a war?

You are right brother. There must be a change to his nature.

He shall walk Elysium as a human, free from his shackles.

We have no other option.

But he will be mortal and unprotected.

He will retain his qualities; he will be more than human.

But he will still be vulnerable. It is a cruel and harsh world.

The forgotten planet.

It is as you said my lord. A baron planet. It does not appear on any of our charts.

It was hidden for a reason, to protect the universe from the secrets it holds.

All in good time general. Prepare a shuttle for me. I will travel alone.

What secrets my lord?

The air is hot, unbearable by human standards. However, Mors stands unaffected.

Anaplekte, Akhlys, Nosos, Ker, Stygere. My sisters do you hear me?

Come to torment us.

Who is he?

He calls us sisters.

Yet he wears the robes of Mars.

An impostor.

I am Mors Thanatos. I am your brother and I have come with an offer.

I have had a change of heart my sisters. Look at me closer and you will see I tell the truth.

Mors was a gentle man, the comforting hand of death.

We sense nothing but rage and hatred in you.

I see my brother. I changed man. A powerful man. What do you seek from the Sisters of Keres?

We are prisoners here. Trapped by the power of Mars and Neptune. You offer what is not yours to give.

I seek your destructiveness. I will give you freedom and as much blood and death as you require. In return you will give me loyalty and service.

You underestimate me sisters. For I am now the god of war and water. And that power is mine to wield freely.

I free you from your prison. Follow me and the underworld shall be yours.

Those women, they are enchanting.

And deadly. They are the Keres, the Sisters of Death. Warn the crew to stay away from them.

The war has begun. There will be more to feed from than you can possible imagine.

We are hungry now.

Then choose one each. I don't care who.


Clean this mess up General.

And prepare the fleet for immediate departure. The war begins.

Yes my lord.

Those are my soldiers. I must free them.

On your knees.

We shall do it here. In public so everyone can see.

This will not end here Commander. You have disgraced the way of our order.

The order has evolved and found a new path. Those who do not see it will die, just as you will today.

Kill them all!

Behind you!

Flavious, you traitor. You can't defeat us all. This world and all of Elysium will be ours.

Too bad you won't be here to see it Commander.

We can help. We are already dead to the order. Tell us what you want done.

He was right. There are too many for me to do this alone.

We must build an army; a resistance against this new Salii.

He is both. We must get him to the monastery and revive him before they come.

A god has fallen to us from the great temple.

Orcus fell from the heavens to the god world of Venus - Mundus Veneris

He looks more man than god.

Bethany my daughter. It will be your responsibility to bring him to full health. The gods have given us this gift. It is our duty to care for him.

Yes mother.

No my daughter. I have never seen him before.

Then how do you know he is a god?

Do you know who he is mother?

It is too easy in these dark times for us to trust no one. You must have faith my daughter.

What if he is Salii? Then we would be bringing our enemy into our home.

Our patron Venus has always empowered us to protect ourselves against the evils of Elysium.

Our own guardians stand ready to fight the Salii. With this man, we may in fact survive this ordeal.

Can one person make such a difference?

Yet Priestess Bethany did not leave his side.

Orcus remained still for the whole night and did not wake.

Where am I?

Mundus Veneris? How did I get here? I was just in the Temple of Elysium!

Please stay calm. You are safe. My name is Bethany and you are in the mother temple on Mundus Veneris.

No I am not a god, not any more. My name is Orcus and I must speak with your High Priestess.

The Temple of Elysium? Then you are a god. You have come to save us?

No one from the underworld has ever stepped foot in our chapel.

Then I am honoured to be the first. It was not my intention to disrespect your order. In truth I do not know why I am here.

You are here in answer to our prayers. Mundus Veneris will soon feel the brunt of the Salii forces.

I can give you no promises.

We do not expect a miracle but with your guidance you may inspire our soldiers. Perhaps we can even prevent the massacre.

You will leave us Bethany and I will speak to the Punisher alone.

Our salvation will not be realised on the battlefield. If our order falls then the service we have given to Elysium will be lost forever. Our order must endure.

If the planet falls to the Salii, will you save my daughter and take her from this place? Through her the order can be reborn.

Nevertheless, this must be done.

What are you asking me to do?

She will not leave willingly.

Mundus Veneris. The planet of our origin. Where mother Venus spawned our entire people.

This planet has lost its purity. It is nothing more than a haven of promiscuity and indecency. We shall destroy Venus' followers and the god herself shall fall. Begin the attack Captain. It is you who shall purge the indecency form this place.

The invasion has begun. Will you do as I have asked?

I will fight for as long as I can. But if we fall - then yes I will take her from this place and protect her.

How do we fight such an army?

It is just a number my friends. They are still human and they will fall under a blade like any other. Make each thrust count.

They outnumber us two to one.

Kill everyone! Wipe them all out!

Something feels wrong my brother.

He is...different and dangerous.

There is a presence below. Something divine in nature.

A god? I do not feel anything.

Not a god, but not a man either.

It would seem Venus has come to her people's rescue. We can not fail here. Travel to the surface. Ensure the Salii do not fail.

Their hawk fighters have destroyed our perimeter defenses.

We have to try and hold them for as long as possible.

He is only a guardian but he fights like a god.

Kill him before he destroys our entire line.

Then I will fight myself. I will not allow this temple to fall to the enemy.

We are winning the battle. Orcus as done it. He has saved us.

He holds the ground temporarily but our air defences have been broken my daughter. The victory will be short lived.

You want me to leave don't you?

Where am I to go?

The temple is nothing more than bricks and mortar. Our order is made by its people and for Elysium's sake we must endure.

If you stay here then you will die. The order is now yours to protect and rebuild but it can't be done on Mundus Veneris.

I love you mother.

And I love you my daughter, now and forever.

Orcus will be your guide and protector. But you must guide him every bit as much as he will protect you. He has lived his entire existence as a God and Punisher of Broken Oaths. He has never lived as a man.

How can I live without you by my side?

Death comes to us all my love. But soon for me. The gods have spared you for a purpose.

I will always be with you. There is a heart of a lioness within your chest. Defend our order, bring the Salii to its knees.

I will not rest until I have avenged you.

You do not fight like a guardian. The high priestess must have paid a lot of money for your services.

She has paid me nothing. I fight as it is the right thing to do.

Who are you? What is your name?

My name is Orcus.

A fool, and a deluded one at that. The Punisher of Broken Oaths fighting a war and wearing the robes of a guardian. I think not my friend. But if Orcus is the name you wish to die by then so be it.

I do not bend my knee to Mars. I serve our true god Mors Thanatos.

You are foolish to under estimate your opponent captain. I am Orcus - Punisher of Broken Oaths. And I will spare your life for one purpose. You will return to your master Mars and tell him that I will not rest until he has been destroyed.

Deliver the message to your master. Tell Thanatos that I will come for him.

Your life yes. But a messenger needs only his tongue.

I deliver your message in exchange for my life?

We will make quick work on this.

We will feed on all of them.

The Punisher. You are a god. The ancient laws protect us. I can not die by your hand.

Look at me Stygere. I am no longer fully god.

I am no longer bound by the ancient laws.

The Salii will taste victory.

My hunger grows.

The guardians are falling.

And we will taste death.

Seems a shame to kill something as pretty as you. Maybe when this is all over I will come back and have my way with your corpse.

It will be hard to do anything to a dead body when your dead yourself.

The temple is lost priestess and the entire city will fall soon. You must leave before it is too late.

Orcus. I can not leave without him.

You will not have to priestess. I am here. But the guardian is right. We must leave now. The Salii have brought with them a dangerous enemy. The Sisters of Ceres.

You must also leave with us guardian. With the sisters loose, this planet is doomed.

My name is Aegea and I will fight till my last breath to bring Mundus Veneris back from the darkness.

While the foundations of the temple stand then my post is here. My oath of protection is not just to the priest and priestesses but to all of Mundus Veneris.

to be continued

What is your name my sister?


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