Jesus' Parable: The Rich Fool.

by SheepersCreepers

Creative Commons Tuesday November 17, 2009

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Hey, teacher! Make my brother split his inheritance with me!

Why should I be the judge of you and your brother?

But anyway, be careful, and watch out for greed, because having a lot of things will lead you to an unhealthy life.

There once was a farmer, and one year he harvested a huge crop of grain - his best ever! He was so excited. What shall I do now? he wondered. Where shall I store my valuable grain?

I know what I'll do. First I'll tear down my old barns; then I'll build new, bigger, and better ones! Then I'll have lots of room to store my grain and all the terrific things I'll buy with my money! Now, I can take it easy and I'll just eat, drink, and be merry!

Foolish, foolish man, this very night, your life on earth is over, and now what will come of all your worldly riches?

And this is what happens to those who only think of getting earthly riches, but are poor when it comes to knowing God.

I understand, teacher. Thankyou, for your informative advice. Maybe, money isn't everything.


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