midwest mike

The Dream

by midwest mike

Creative Commons Tuesday June 24, 2008

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midwest mike

midwest mike

I'm from Wall NJ, United States.
Joined February 18, 2008
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9 comments | 8 people | 3 languages | 5 countries

Baldur is a sheep

Baldur is a sheep 4 yrs ago from Denmark

this comic is so old but also amazing

Pixel Cake

Pixel Cake 6 yrs ago from United States

Haha! Very nice!


123Kim 11 yrs ago from United States

super!!!really good :)


edderiofer 11 yrs ago from Hong Kong



carolineisocoolike 8 yrs ago from United States

A spelling mistake and now, a complement! Surely the laws of space and time have been altered! XD


edderiofer 8 yrs ago from Hong Kong

This was nearly 4 years ago, if you didn't notice; where I was more prone to thinking "its teh internet im ment to tip liek dis". Also, Midwest Mike is one of the best authors on Pixton; someone able to communicate subtle surrealism without the use of words, AND have someone understand it.


JordiTM 12 yrs ago from Location Unknown

Molt bo!!!!

So nice!!!!


Deelite 12 yrs ago from Canada

You inspire all of us :)

allie mac

allie mac 12 yrs ago from United States

Nice Dad! It's kool!