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Boat and moon
Various Pixton props

“[Pixton] has a plethora of prepared backgrounds and assets for students to use, which makes it easy for students who, like me, have a bit of art phobia but lots of ideas.”

– Tim Smyth

How a teacher uses comics to teach social justice

Pixton facial expressions and body poses

Facial expressions and body poses

Unless you want your characters to look like robotic mannequins, choose from among the bajillions of faces and poses available.

Pixton characters, and animals

Backgrounds and characters

Everything is organized into “content packs”, plus you can search using keywords. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Captions and Speech Bubbles

Captions and speech bubbles

Give voice to your characters and context to your story. One-click access to åcçènted characters, and support for languages and character sets including 中文 and the ру́сский алфави́т.

Boy with food and book

Special effects and add‑ons

Like chocolate sprinkles on an ice-cream sundae, you can add extras such as: weather effects; dusk and dark filters; handheld objects; superhuman power auras and more. There’s always more.

Food truck and speech bubbles

“I wanted to present [math] word problems visually for some time but struggled with how to do so effectively until ... I learned about Pixton.”

– Suzanne Ciminesi

How to Turn Math Word Problems Into Engaging Comics