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How well do you know your Kao?

the ultimative Kao fan quiz!

-a. Caroline -b. Carol -c.Karoline -d.Karol -e.Kao

1. we start out easy: whats my real name?

(answer in another comic)

-d. Narnia

-e. Hunger games

-b. Twillight

-c. Ms. Marble

-a. Harry potter

-b. Kill bill

-a. Twillight

-e. Edward scrissorhand

(...tehe ^^)

-d. Highschool musical

-a. Starflower and Fatpete

-b. Foxpuff333 and Stivie32

(its in a comic!)

-c. kk2000 and Saintsage777

4. Now.. some pixton questions: my first two pixton friends?


-b. Memento Mori

-d. Sanji~san

(the person who gets this right is reall a fan)

5. Who is NOT a member of my pixton family?

-b. Friend with benefits x)

6. Sanji~san is my...

-d. Best pixton guy friend 5 ever

-a.Best friend in the whole world

-c.Brother in real life


7. Luna* is in my real family, in what relation?

-d. cat

-b. sister

-a. Cousin

8. I won YungJj's 2011 pixton award for...

-b. Best hair of 2011

-d. best comedian of 2011

-a. Best series of 2011

-c.Best author of 2011

-c.Official Kaaaowy~!!

-d. Official Kao

-b. Kao

9. Kao's real life world time, whats the name of my FB page?

-e. Queen Kao


-e. Kaowy

-b. QueenKao!

10. deviantart page?

-d. Blackshadow


-e. chau chau

-b. Rottweiler

-a. chihuahua

11. i have a dog in real life.. what kind?

-b. Blue

-a. Red


-d. Green

-e. Brown


-d. EllenXD

-b. stivie32

-a. Ecvardo

-e. Kimmy~kun

-b. Koa999

-c. KK2000

-e. Tom felton

-d. my neighboor ._.

-a. Shanedawson





15. My favorite fruit?

-b. purple

-a. black

-d. i got the universe painted on my walls

-c. green and white

16. colour of my room? >:)

-d. it was an accident

-c. with a girl

-a. in the rain

-b. on a beach

17. How was my first kiss? :3

-c. Lostnoob

-a. Georgy girl

-b. Jessica :D

-d. Memento Mori

18. who is my original pixton mother?

-b. Kiro1

-c.Hi i'm new

-a. Hi, i'm Kao!

-d. Kao's world 1

19. What was the title of my first comic?

-a. Epic!

-b. A girl! ;D

-d. Owner of the world

20. What am i?

-c. Queen of Pixton

HI! This comic, will be remixable, but to the lazy people, just comment like "21-e." that will mean, question first, answer after! And for making it more exiting! The first person who gets all of them right will get an avatar! (i usally dont do avatars xD) good luck creatures! :3



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3m!ly 3年前 来自美国

it has to be 5 eue


Kao 3年前 来自丹麦

you actully only got one wrong XD i was reaaaally impressed!


animallover1229 3年前 来自加拿大

i know the one she did not do right but i can't even remix pixton+


animallover1229 3年前 来自加拿大

can't say if people read they will know all the answers

Nicole Carolina

Nicole Carolina 3年前 来自美国

Actualy she got 1 wrong her name is Kao


ErikaBanuelos 3年前 来自美国

Her name "Karoline" but she uses "Kao" for short :)


iDraw22:) 3年前 来自美国

You probably are right or prbly wrong! Who knows!


ErikaBanuelos 3年前 来自美国

I'm guessing I got most of them right.... XD




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