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Make a Class Photo

Fun class memories throughout the year.

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A sense of belonging 1024w

A Sense of Belonging

Making a class photo with Pixton is easy and more than a keepsake. Class photos foster a sense of belonging and community, helping to build camaraderie and friendships among students.

Check out some of the features with the class photo:

Different themes 1024

Different Themes Throughout the Year

Dress your class as astronauts, superheroes, or take them back to the time of dinosaurs. Choose a different theme for the season, holiday or occasion. There’s even Pink Shirt Day!

Banner for Google Classroom 1024

Banners for Google Classroom or Canvas

Create a banner for Google Classroom or Canvas, or use the classic format to show more of everyone. It’s a great way to welcome students to class.

Letter board 1024

Letter Board

Add a letter board to your class photo. Include the school year, class name or your own custom info.

Download and share 1024

Download and Share

Download your class photo and print it as a fun keepsake for everyone. Or share it via Twitter, Facebook or email.