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Creative Commons Wednesday January 25, 2012

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12 Bluegum Ave

... so I don't think Carl will be bothering them anymore.

Wah-haw-haw-haw... *sniff*



No, ma'am. Ah am NOT "okay". Ah have bin dishonorably discharged for providing intelligence to the enemy.

Colonel!? Are you okay?

Evenso, Mr. Johnson. Ah have bin stood down from... Wait a minute... Ah know who you are!

The... errr... enemy?

That's right. You are mah local union representative!

Uh.. you do!? Let me explain...

Ah will be needing yur assistance in launching an unlawful dismissal case.

Oh, yeah. Yes, that's right.

Well that's mighty kind of y'all... Wait a sec, so yur name is also Johnson?

Umm... Oh right... Yes, we can do that, can't we Mrs.... errr... Mrs. Johnson.

Huh? Oh, yeah right we're... ummm... brother and sister.

Ah see...


I mean she's like my... ummm... half-sister... errr... once removed...


"Johnson"? Really, you couldn't come up with a different name?

I panicked, okay!? I still don't think you had to kick me quite that hard.

Yeah, well just consider it some "tough love" from your half-sister, once removed.

to be continued...

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iTeehee 3 anos atrás de Malásia

Ha ha ha, what a funny episode! x-D


Mealisa 3 anos atrás de Canadá



Mealisa 3 anos atrás de Canadá

lol. "tough love from your half-sister, once removed" LOL


YungJj 3 anos atrás de United Kingdom

That would be cool to be related to a Unicorn..