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Creative Commons Sunday March 18, 2012

Zaradené v Básnické

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Hey guys, I want to let you know that i've respect my sadness. I've respect. I think it's just the way i've born. I just need to be like this. I always be a pessimist. I'm just one. I can't change it. It's just the way I'm. There are also need to be people like me. I've respect that I understand people who cut or kill themself. But don't worry, I wont do that to myself because I can't. Don't think I doesn't think about it, because I did. Don't be sad for me, because I can live with it. Don't gonna say it gonna be okay, because I will never change. It's a part of me. This is me. I would never ever be like you, be happy all day long. In the beginning it was hard to face the true, but I understand it. It is feeling like I'm telling that i'm really sick. But maybe I'm sick, sick in my head, who knows? I don't let you comment, because that don't change mymind, but if you really what to say something to me you can message me.

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