The Techno Ignorati

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Creative Commons Wednesday December 1, 2010

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Dedicated to Stephen Fry, on the morrow of his 2 millionth Twittacquisition...

Introducing our cast...

Tyler and Miles, hipsters ordinaire. Early adopters, mainstream pseudo-snobs. Incapable of handwritten communication.

Requisite mobile prostheses, with real-time meta-feed & always-on geo-trouser-location.


Trevor Higginsborough, traditionalist nerd. Popularly acknowledged as "old-fashioned" and "that spotty git who always wears white socks".

* The Fry Chronicles, as it happens.

I say, Miles, what's that growing on the wall like an extirpated species of lichen?

Why, I believe it's Trevor, er... Hogsbottom. Pshaw, What a pathetic excuse for a man!

I say, Hicksbrow, what've you got there? Some sort of net-tablet?

Actually, it's a book.

A what?! That sounds so non-trending. Is that like Facebook or something?


Well, is it an Apple product? Does it come with free updates? Surely you can auto-widgetize it?


For Heaven's Sake, can I not post it on my wall? I can't obfuscate its URL or syndicate its beta-profile?


Then what the blazing inferno is it good for, you backswards-facing pants shop?!


The thingie m'jiggie

par fat pete

Creative Commons Friday December 3, 2010

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could you pass me the thing!?

dad, your going to have to be more specific..

you know what I mean!


just pass the damn thing!!!

the wine bottle...?

noooo!!! the thing!!!

what!!!! THING!!????

the thing!!! you mean your wild thing cd?

wild thing

the troggs


aunt petunias ever loving blue eyed thing!!!


eighty-five years old and you still act like a kid!

bam! bam pow!

Desert Funnies 99

par Brunswick

Creative Commons Sunday May 3, 2009

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Dude, I don't want to sound like a bad host or anything, but I'll be really glad when this swine flu is over.

Don't worry!

We'll be fine unless they realise the only water for miles around lies within our juicy, juicy stems.