The thingie m'jiggie

par fat pete

Creative Commons Friday December 3, 2010

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could you pass me the thing!?

dad, your going to have to be more specific..

you know what I mean!


just pass the damn thing!!!

the wine bottle...?

noooo!!! the thing!!!

what!!!! THING!!????

the thing!!! you mean your wild thing cd?

wild thing

the troggs


aunt petunias ever loving blue eyed thing!!!


eighty-five years old and you still act like a kid!

bam! bam pow!

Fools Funnies #7

par Stripman

Creative Commons Saturday October 29, 2011

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Hahaha! You are soo different!

People come laugh at this different guy!



Sometimes I feel so rejected...

Tell me about it...

Jimmy Page

par Luke Seidler

Creative Commons Monday May 21, 2012

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