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Creative Commons Friday March 2, 2012

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oh god...




oh my!

let's go.. we can't help him anyway

we should go to the Lady.. and..

I know,Eleyan. But the Purple Lady hasn't been stabbed.

Did you just say you were going to the Purple Lady?

no we..

yes...we hoped she could help us.

dagger+elf=blood=tasty=my lucky day

HEY! I can help you! I'm a good friend of her. I know where she is.


why did we have to go to THIS tavern?! smile?

they're coming to rescue you!

I've got some really bad news for you.

and then.. Mylliin* will arrive..while my army handles immithidyl..

or maybe I'll try te get them on my side..

of course they will fail and be imprisoned, then they will be tortured...

*Mylliin is not only Mauwain's, but also Marawan's name

although.. you're dying so..

maybe I should let them rescue you... but then.. I can't take that risk

so..let's get back to work

anyway... Eleyan is doing well.. even though he doesn't know yet

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Sky Girl
Sky Girl 2 jaar geleden uit Denemarken

By the way, every part of this series make the whole series 10 times better!

Sky Girl
Sky Girl 2 jaar geleden uit Denemarken

I really hope i can be in this series, it would mean so much to me!

~Jenna~ 2 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

I hate blood, tastes nasty, looks disgusting.

Berghammer 2 jaar geleden uit Faerøer

Noo blood tastes GOOD!

~Jenna~ 2 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

are you a vampire? XD

Sani.XD 2 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

Panel 2 made me burst out laughing!

iTeehee 2 jaar geleden uit Maleisië

Oooh... I'm loving it yet again. ;-)

Nuri love
Nuri love 2 jaar geleden uit Spanje

i don´t anderstand this comic because im a spanish girl and i don´t speak english

charlotte11 2 jaar geleden uit Nederland

well I'm dutch so I can't translate it for you, sorry.

Verchae 2 jaar geleden uit Nederland

xD random sage moment, awesome part ^^

Pepette. 2 jaar geleden uit Frankrijk

Suite !

paulina:D 2 jaar geleden uit United Kingdom

continue continue CONTINUE or else! >;-) xox

asho 2 jaar geleden uit Egypte


Georgy Girl
Georgy Girl 2 jaar geleden uit Canada

Fabulously sinister and oh so entertaining!

~Jack~ 2 jaar geleden uit Australië


Elvination 2 jaar geleden uit Location Unknown

EPIC x3 Ive been waiting too long for this episode >:DDDD I luff it ^^ :DDD Cant wait for mooore!!! :DDD

Hariboman11 2 jaar geleden uit United Kingdom

Is Saintsage777 a vampire!?

Saintsage777 2 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

(applause) i can see where this is ending up (my guy getting his a## handed to him or is a plot device) but its still enjoyable lol...yay blood

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