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Creative Commons Wednesday April 4, 2012

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Zoorg ... you sleep again?

Nooo! .... me listen to earthling News!

But you won't believe it Glid!

.. some Earthlings make what they call Pink Slime and then sell it to other Earthlings!

What in Zog's name is Pink Slime?

It's powdered meat washed in ammonium hydroxide!

We use that to clean waste removal appliances!


But ... you'll never guess what they do with it!

First they burn it .... then ... and this is the best part .. they Eat it!

Lord Zog said Earthlings were STUPID!

Waa ha ha ha!

You couldn't make it up!

Waa .. ha ha haa!

Woo .. ha ha ha!

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Haru333 10 mnd geleden uit Verenigde Staten

I've never had Pink slime. It's disgusting! XD


what_a_story 1 jr. geleden uit Polen

Earthlings do much worse things.


Snowylovetiger 2 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten



ashk142002 2 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

This is why I don't eat at McDonalds any more......


zipdedoodah 2 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

Are these guys from Mars? I've always heard that Martians are green.


foeg 2 jaar geleden uit Canada

Where I grew-up, beings from Venus were green although my guys are from beyond our galaxy!


venusazaboy 3 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

Loving this!!

Robot Ron Comics

Robot Ron Comics 3 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

I love these characters !!! ... But why are they N a k e d ??? LOL !


foeg 3 jaar geleden uit Canada

The Aliens dispensed with clothing in the long-ago Splanter age!


xonx 3 jaar geleden uit Europe

just great! ;)


foeg 3 jaar geleden uit Canada


Talking Lame

Talking Lame 3 jaar geleden uit Australië


Georgy Girl

Georgy Girl 3 jaar geleden uit Canada

I'm with Zoorg and Glid, we earthlings are off our rockers! :) Hilarious and topical comic!


siregalahad 3 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

Scary, but true.


Brian 3 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

Heh heh. xD

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