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Creative Commons Tuesday July 28, 2009

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here we go again...

have you ever felt like someone was listening to your ever comment?

why do you care? are you trying to distract me, so i'll miss my turn?

hey guys, i was just out there eavesdropping, and i thought i could make a bet with you...

*coff* told you sam *coff*...

shut up! so, loosy what'd you have in mind?

just a massive video game challenge!!!



several minutes later...

ok, i'm ready to kick some butt! what game am i playing?

um, earth menace 12. it's basically a game where you get points by harming the earth...

to be continued...

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kagoma 6 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten

awwww that poor girl


roxi2 6 jaar geleden uit Canada


Cσmic Kids Rule

Cσmic Kids Rule 6 jaar geleden uit Verenigde Staten


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