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di ~Jack~

Creative Commons Wednesday March 28, 2012

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Hohohoho! Recognise me? I'm wag66! I'm a superhero! *drumroll* Sending toys to children every Second day of the century!

And don't I look JOLLY in red? I look exactly like Santa Claus! This is so epic after I got fired at the petrol station! And plus, the children love me! I give them a pencil every weekend too!

I get to... Arghhh! There seems to be a slight error! These elves have no faces!

CUT! Call the emergency penguins! Mr. Wayne has fainted! Did someone tell him that it was just a commercial?

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ijnij 2 anni fa Paese: Australia

well, I'll leave you to figure out who I am. ask stick Gideon if you're interested. or not. i'm fine with that. i don't really care.

~Jack~ 2 anni fa Paese: Australia

Who are you?

ijnij 2 anni fa Paese: Australia

you don't have a shirt but you have your necklace on? that must be some kind of trademark of yours, I guess.

Cornel P
Cornel P 2 anni fa Paese: United States

XD Nice!

wag66 2 anni fa Paese: United States


casibear64 2 anni fa Paese: United States

i think you look better with out a face! X)

~Jack~ 2 anni fa Paese: Australia

Why thank you, I like myself without a face.

Jay Jay 198
Jay Jay 198 2 anni fa Paese: United States


~Jack~ 2 anni fa Paese: Australia

Sorry, but I ad to scare you.

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