An Animated Love Story (anglais)

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BD d'Equipe Lena's Lecture (62) (anglais)

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Lena tries to warn Juliana
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Tutorial: Frame Numbering (anglais)

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How to ensure slideshow frames appear in correct order
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Bathrobe (anglais)

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Shared Secrets (anglais)

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LIKE A RIVER: Animated Synopsis (anglais)

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Plunge into the heart of the Amazon with this animated comic travel blog... a story that might change your life and the planet, too!
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Locked Out? Or, Locked In? (anglais)

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Lena's story of how she landed in the middle of the Amazon goes viral.
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Locked Out? Or, Locked in? (anglais)

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On a tiny island in the middle of the Amazon River in the middle of the rainforest a writer searches for a way out... and a way in.
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Cab 'n Chat (anglais)

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Lena learns that Anderson has a daughter.
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Two Rivers... and a Drop (anglais)

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Our journey takes place where two rivers merge, two lovers meet, and a drop flows to the sea.
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Lena Greets her BFF (anglais)

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Chitra finally arrives at Lena's big 'Going-Away' Party the day before her departure for Brazil.
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