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12 Bluegum Ave: 2.03 - Barricade Traduire cette BD


Creative Commons Friday April 20, 2012

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12 Bluegum Ave

Do you see him?

Nope... Maybe it wasn't him.... Maybe he....


I think he saw me!

Get down, Emily!!

He saw me, hesawme, hesawme, hesawme...

Okay! Everybody stay calm! Emily, try not to panic.

We have to barricade the door.

I'm already on it...

Okay. So here's the plan... I'll quit my job, and make money on the internet. Emily, you'll be home-schooled from now on. We'll live off pizza delivery, and...

Ummm... Dad...

Yeah... What is it darl?

So, this Bruce. He's kinda like Patrick... but your enemy?

Yep. That's right.

So... I guess like Patrick, he can't move physical objects...?

Well, yeah...

So there probably wasn't much point barricading the door.

Ummm... I guess not

And besides... Doesn't that door open outwards?

to be continued...

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Nightra+ il y a 2 années de United Kingdom

ha ha ha ha LOL
Emily is smart

danielle:) il y a 2 années de Pays-Bas

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh scary be my fan i will be urs

Great Frost Hawk
Great Frost Hawk+ il y a 2 années de États-Unis

"Are you smarter than your Dad?"
She gives more thought to this than her Dad did. Gosh.

YungJj+ il y a 2 années de United Kingdom

Outwards?! What kind of front door opens outwards?!?!

Hannah01 il y a 2 années de Australie

I love it
It's awesome!!!

PinkiePortalPonyPi il y a 2 années de United Kingdom

XD LOL make more!!!!!!

Gravelynne il y a 2 années de United Kingdom

lolz!! can't wait for the next one!!

Hariboman11+ il y a 2 années de United Kingdom