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Hey Guys!

I'm sorry that there weren't any new comics lately, but I have so much to do for school...

"Nobody" has to take a break, but I promise I will try to post the next part as soon as possible!

In the mean time you could take a look at my deviantart page, if you are interested in what I do besides making comic

So a happy new year and I hope we see each other very soon!

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fantanton il y a 2 années de Allemagne

"Schule geht vor" würde ich sagen.
What's this in english?
Ich sollte auch besser aufpassen.

ErikaBanuelos il y a 2 années de États-Unis

What's your username? I would like to add you! :)

True_heart_susie il y a 2 années de Allemagne

TrueHeartSusie :)

Memento Mori
Memento Mori il y a 2 années de États-Unis

Hope you'll be back soon.

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