jon b

12 Bluegum Ave: 2.01 - Sally Traduire cette BD

par jon b

Creative Commons Monday April 16, 2012

Classé dans Magique & Drame

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12 Bluegum Ave

I told you already, it's fine.

Really? Because you seemed pretty mad.

Yeah, but that was before Sally Henson had her little accident in gym class.

Oh, right. "Smelly Sally".

munch munch munch

scratch scratch scratch

glug glug glug

So that's great that no one is calling you...

Think VERY carefully before you finish that sentence!

So... Ummm... Maybe we could...




to be continued...

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7 commentaires | 6 personnes | 4 pays

coolgirl2003 il y a 1 année de États-Unis yay

Nightra il y a 2 années de United Kingdom

cant wait to see the next bit

Gravelynne il y a 2 années de United Kingdom

What's happening now??? continue plz!!

xonx il y a 2 années de Europe

YAY! Bluegum Ave is BACK in da house great!!! i just love it!

Mealisa il y a 2 années de Canada

YAYZIES!!!!!!!!! I WUZ YA FOREVEH FOR DIS!!!!!!!!!! Oh, wait, no.... ._." :P well anyways thanksies!

Pixel Cake
Pixel Cake il y a 2 années de United Kingdom