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ok Kao... if you wanna be a vampire... you have to do this

Hey Kao, what's up~?

i need a favor

can my dad bite you?

ok shot~!


...Dude you died?

why does he have to bite me

...its kinda hard to explain man...

i got all day

...ok then

Ok, so my dad has to bite you, and turn you into a vampire, so you can bite me and turn me into a vampire

why can't he just bite you?

because he says he can't do it to his daughter cause it feels like when you make babies

...and then you want me to do it?!

You choose me of all people?

i know, but it's you or Luke

But itsn't Luke your brother?

half brother... its a kinda complicated family i have

anyway.. would you?

i thougt you already were a vampire?

no, i'm a dead demon reborn in a human body

so you wanna be a demon-vampire? Yeah?

come on... you'r my best friend

i know

but i'm like 3 years older than you... wouldn't that be a biiig problem?

age is just a number Nick

will you?




Noo... i'm afraid your dad will eat me, Bye~!

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BraveAndBold il y a 2 années de Malaisie

too bad , haha

Misted beauty
Misted beauty il y a 2 années de United Kingdom


kk2000 il y a 3 années de Groenland


thundershink il y a 3 années de États-Unis

lol XD

oKe16 il y a 3 années de États-Unis


~Jack~ il y a 3 années de Australie

XD Long Convo, ended up with nothing but wasted credit XD

NinaFet il y a 3 années de France

suite x)

hmerlin il y a 3 années de États-Unis

XD he thought real hard bout that

Saintsage777 il y a 3 années de États-Unis

so close...

Kao il y a 3 années de Danemark


NaomiHappy il y a 3 années de United Kingdom

Well, it's not your most common favour..

TheFamily il y a 3 années de États-Unis

akward conversation level: 100000xL XD "Hey, Can my dad bite you?" ...i was actully hoping for a yes .____.

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