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Create at minimum a 3 panel comic. Include at least 6 new school-supplies vocabulary and 3 different conjugated verbs, like hablar, mirar, buscar etc. Your comic must be in dialogue format for full credit.

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Criterio 4 3 2 1
Creativity, Grammar, and Completeness Evidence of thought, planning, and attention to detail in your final project. A variety of vocabulary is used along with verbs pertaining to school supplies.
A GREAT DEAL of planning and attention is evident in comic. A variety of vocabulary words and verbs pertaining to school supplies are used in comic. ( about 6 vocabulary words, 3 verbs correctly conjugated) SOME planning and attention is evident in comic. Some vocabulary and verbs are used, but not enough. (4 vocabulary words, 2 verbs correctly conjugated) LITTLE planning and attention is evident in comic. Student attempts to use vocabulary and verbs, however vocabulary words are spelled incorrectly in target language and verbs not conjugated in correct forms. ( 4 vocabulary words used, 1-2 verbs conjugated incorrectly) NO planning and attention is evident in comic, comic is random and confusing. Student uses little or no vocabulary in the target language. Verbs are missing or not conjugated. ( 2-3 words, verbs in infinitive)