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Creative Commons Monday August 16, 2010

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Hello pixton!

I've been learning a lot about fires in camp...

And I feel the need to tell you guys what I learned!

I want to make sure all of pixton can be "safe" from fires as well!

I will show you a way of escaping a burning house.

One Way

This is Jenni, she is fast asleep

two minutes into the fire...the neighbors start screaming

Agh! A fire!!!

jenni wakes....

Agh, somebody, help!

right then jenni has no idea what to do!

Jenni crawls to her door.


She feels the door with the front of her hand

she burns herself, and uses the handle rather than just pushing the door open!


jenni thinks the smoke smells funny.

jenni starts coughing and decides to play the "crawl and wheeze" game.

most people die of inhaling smoke...then they catch on fire, and then they explode.

once jenni is outside of her house....

She meets at her family's meeting place, and they hope as hard as they can that the fire will magically go out!

if you do what jenny and her family did, you'll probably survive with only second-degree burns! I hope you learned a lot from this lesson.

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Pyrodon Hace 4 años de Estados Unidos

lol awesome


gothgirl Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

I've learned to knock down the door with my head....XD


gothgirl Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

XD !hahahahahhaahhhahhahaha! XD


Japandaaa Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

oh its a joke xD


Japandaaa Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

Ive learned that too! thankya


slickscience Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos



misscockie Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

hhahahahahahhahahaa XD


Better_off_Dead Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

hahaha "the fire will magically go out!" XD


nachos111 Hace 5 años de Canadá

LOL! EH! dats me! da mother is meee!!! xD


Dawnna Hace 5 años de Canadá



Kao Hace 5 años de Dinamarca


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