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Creative Commons Tuesday April 24, 2012

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I urge you all to see the movie "Bully" bring everyone, friends and family to see it, the footage is real, the stories are real, it has a strong message, go see it.

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Great Frost Hawk
Great Frost Hawk Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

What's it rated?

Leandro 13
Leandro 13 Hace 2 años de Brasil

I watched a film about bullying these days, it's bad to see young people suffering from bullying! I never suffered bullying, well, here in brasil does not have much it is only in the poorest places, I guess! :)

Blackstar666 Hace 2 años de Países Bajos

I think a saw that movie.... i hate to see how much children get bullied. And how much commit suicide becouse they can't take it anymore. Sometimes, i wish i could murder out all the bullies in the world. But that wouldn't solve anything any way.

zzzeee Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

any hope it's pg 13 ???

Rosie-xx Hace 2 años de United Kingdom Mine :D

Rosie-xx Hace 2 años de United Kingdom

Ok ill try but it will be out in UK like few months xD

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