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Creative Commons Sunday April 1, 2012

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Hey grandma I'm....

*gasp* GRANDMA!!!

Grandma! Grandma please be ok.

Hello? Mayor, come here quickly, my grandma's been attacked by the werewolf. Yes, it is Red Hoodrider

Alright, I'll wait.

Call ended

What the?



Your next

Oh no!

Your next


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Ricochet Muffin
Ricochet Muffin Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

Awesome! For the fifth panel I was like, does she LOOK okay?! XD

starsky11 Hace 2 años de Canadá

I was goint ot say continue until i say that you already did!! OMG gonna read it now!|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misted beauty
Misted beauty Hace 2 años de United Kingdom


Saintsage777 Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

one the smilkey face makes it less threatning and two that is a bad death the props just do not fit the scene...that aside it seems good.

Hariboman11 Hace 2 años de United Kingdom

right, I'll edit it to make it seem better

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