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hey guys! i was just wondering, do any of you have spore?

i personally love the game, and would love to be your friend on it!

just post your name in the comment box!

My name is: krypto236

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mrdiget Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos


Urface Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

I don't have Spore yet but i plan on buying it soon.

Cσmic Kids Rule
Cσmic Kids Rule Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

I've heard of it..but I don't have...:( I think it's really cool though!

Urmom Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

no, it's a game by the guy who made the sims. it is a game where you make your own creatures and vehicles, and buildings. you start out as a cell, then evolve into a creature, then you become a tribe, then a civilization, then you build a spaceship and go into space!

manoman Hace 5 años de Estados Unidos

what is it an online game? if so.... tell me the adress.

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