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Creative Commons Thursday March 1, 2012

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razz > he really ate his own-

hiiiii rainbow! razz... um, hi!

< really annoying girl at my school

oh nothing...well, except..

er... hi, bella. do you need something?

i forgot to bring my lunch...again... and I was wondering if you had any food for me.

you aren't gonna like what's in HER lunch bag. XD

okay good i knew you'd be nice.

well.... i guess so. let's see what i've got.

let's see... I have...

no thanks...

trail mix?

no thanks...


no thanks...


no thanks...


no thanks...

protein bar?

oh...wait, what about that?...

well...that's all I have...

Oh! You'd like that.... it's my...

Veggie coupons from the grocerie!


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Star :D
Star :D Hace 1 año de Estados Unidos

there's this girl in my grade that always steals food from people when she forgets her food!!! XD

razzberries♥rabbit Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

Nummy! coupons

Tween Outcast
Tween Outcast Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

Haha! Serves her right!

Mantis842 Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

Once I left an energy bar on the lunchtable, and once i'd finished my lunch, I saw the wrapper sitting on this fat kid's lunch tray XD

Mealisa Hace 2 años de Canadá

Haha!!! I'll take the trail mix, banana, and protein bar!!! *lovebananas*

Slasher Girl...
Slasher Girl... Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

hahaha!!!! I have a girl at my school thats the same!!! hahaha!

Lilly6958 Hace 2 años de United Kingdom

Lol xD

~Jack~ Hace 2 años de Australia

Haha! Awesome!

Jessica :D
Jessica :D Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

Bwahaha cool! and Fail on her part XD

Kitty Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

WHO IS IT!? I WANNA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica :D
Jessica :D Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

wait are you a vegetariaan? :o

Mogie! Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

haha! why do really annoying peeps never take a hint! lol!

in.the.rain Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

hahaha and that thing about my daily diet that i told you contributes...... just dont say it here.

hmerlin Hace 2 años de Estados Unidos

XD i have a freind just like that in my class

YungJj Hace 2 años de United Kingdom

Haha!! She really nees to stop begging for food!

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