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Welcome to Canada

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Creative Commons Thursday February 19, 2009

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President Obama visits Canadian PM Harper for the first time...

We're on the air in 5 minutes!

So, before we get started, tell me - what's your secret?

Er, I don't have secrets, I just listen to people.

I mean, how come you're so popular? Why do all those people love you?

Well, I promised people change...

If I were as popular as you, nobody would question me or make fun of me.

I said that I would provide government transparency and dialogue, not secrecy...

I wouldn't have to hold press conferences or listen to other parties...

...that I would work with everyone, no matter what their political stripe...

...and once and for all I'd be able to CRUSH my opponents!

...I said that I would make sure all people had access to health care and work to distribute the wealth of our country more equitably...

...I'd privatize health care and reduce corporate taxes!

...I said that I would usher in an era of clean energy...

...I'd expand the tar sands and make Alberta an oil SUPERPOWER!!

Er - you aren't listening, are you?

Why yes, Mr. Energy! Let me tell you how the oil sands will solve all your problems...

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16 comments | 16 people | 5 languages | 6 countries

DogRaider215 5 yrs ago from Afghanistan

5/5 that was very good!

mrdiget 5 yrs ago from United States

Ha Ha Ha!! that is funny!

vincentf 5 yrs ago from Canada


toto123 5 yrs ago from Germany

:D toller comic hätte nicht gedacht dass politik lustik sein kann ich hoffe du schaust dir auch mal meine comics an wäre nett danke! :DD

doyin101 5 yrs ago

lol that was funny

gie 5 yrs ago from Indonesia


Cheezetron 5 yrs ago from Australia


M O O D i B R O WN
M O O D i B R O WN 5 yrs ago from United States


Deelite 5 yrs ago from Canada

Nice work!

J.R. Galket
J.R. Galket 5 yrs ago from United States

Good one!! Politics...almost too easy sometimes!

AmericanRivers 5 yrs ago from United States


AAeagles 5 yrs ago from United States


Joetoon1 5 yrs ago from United States


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