Creative Writing - Hyperbole

by phawk

Creative Commons Monday February 9, 2009

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Alright, our Creative Writing Unit is well underway. Today I'm going to tell you all about Hyperbole.

Hyper, I'm hyper! ...Hyper, hyper, hyper!

Give it a rest.

You seem to be exaggerating! Nothing could be THAT tragic!

Watch out! You are about to cry a bucket of tears. You will regret not heeding my historic warnings. Every child in America should be running for cover! This tragedy will be worse than WWII! A cyclonic event is about to happen!

Oh, brother! Give it a rest!


Cyclonic event? I thought you were exaggerating!

Cracked up?! You're not kidding!

Hyperbole. It's more than it is cracked up to be!

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Footballgirly 5 yrs ago from United States

Ha. That's pretty darn funny!

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