Anime eye community props

by charlotte11

Creative Commons Monday April 20, 2015

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King Wolf Pup


by King Wolf Pup

Creative Commons Wednesday April 22, 2015

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Try calling her names, that'll keep her off your back.

Ooh, thanks!

What do you want?

Hey Josephine

My name is Kate.







If Someone From The 50's Met 2015

by waffleman

Creative Commons Sunday April 12, 2015

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how was your day carl?

it was great, thanks for asking!

would you like to eat some dinner with me?

sure, pal!

whoa! what's going on?


ow, goll-y!

carl! carl! you there?


hello! would you like to take a picture with me?

why should i do so?

because it's 2015! we all take pictures of ourselves with random people we don't know! it's called a selfie!

here, let me take out my phone so i can show you!

okay, first off, why are you carrying a thick red piece of paper, secondly, how do you have a portable telephone, and lastly, how could you take a picture with a telephone?

idk, just look it up on wikipedia.

wait, what?