B. Shannon

Tough Town, Bad Santa

by B. Shannon

Creative Commons Friday December 12, 2014

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Do all Tree People believe in Santa?

Unfortunately no, a small minority follow a different religion.

What happens to them?

We use them as yule logs to appease an angry Santa.

You guys should fit in just fine down here.

Naturally we’re hoping to plant ourselves in your Holy Land.


Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse

by ManuFlor

Creative Commons Sunday December 14, 2014

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Warped Minds n.59

by siregalahad

Creative Commons Monday December 1, 2014

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You are required to be in a heightened state of alertness, you are required to avoid vocalizations of sadness, you are required to avoid facial expressions that indicate defiance. I am providing the reason: a secularized version of Nikolaos of Myra is due to arrive in this municipality!