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and welcome to...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I'm Creepy Host, your host for tonight! (And I dress up like a palm tree in the ladies room)


Our geust is no one else then.....


Sean, also known as Saintsage777

Good evening Everyone

wait... i'm gonna sit next to you....


Now... let's start with some personal questions...

You best not be hitting on me...

How old are you?

Older than you

23 for right now (though In pixton I am a vampire so ehh)

Veeeery interesting.... now...

What do you enjoy doing and why?

I swear if this person lays a hand on me...

Attempt to socialize, gaming, work, find love, and other things.

Yeah right like this guy could get a girl...

Tell me something about your personalitty.

Insane and random come to mind, geeky as well

Very well.....

Do you have an eye on someone?

If yes, tell me her name

I will let you know is something happens until then I still search for LostNoob

Heh Loser


As a expert in culiunary arts one of my favorite dishes is shrimp alfredo on angel hair pasta with a hint of lemon zest....or stuffed crust pizza.

What is your favourite food? and tell all the details why.

Sounds like ####

OK! next question...

What was the most awkward moment in your life?

Sounds funny

A few nights ago when two family members cursed me out and insulted me and my family...over facebook

Who is your pixton bff?

I have friends apprentices and a pixton family but no BFF

I should try kao

What was the next question again...?

Ow yeah....

Would you rather fly, or read minds?

If I can read minds I can learn how to fly so...aye

You think your so smart...

Now, did you ever had a nosebleed of excitement?

What is this japan? And no but there will be blood in a few seconds


Last question...

Who do you tag?

Respond on the hosts questions.

If you don't want to awnser a question, awnser something random.

Don't change the hosts text. Except your name.

OK! before you remix, here are the rules:

put yourself in place

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Frankly, 1 ano atrás de Location Unknown

By the way, In manga the nosebleeds are not for excitement, they're for lust.


Saintsage777 1 ano atrás de Estados Unidos

well thatswhat it was supposed to be buuuut its pixton, changed it a tad since its for everyone


Berghamar 2 anos atrás de Ilhas Faeroes

It would've looked better if you just shot him after he said "Heh loser" XD


funcomic 3 anos atrás de Estados Unidos

die host die lol


~mzazngirl~ 3 anos atrás de Location Unknown

yep your drinking in the first panel and kills that makes sense now


~mzazngirl~ 3 anos atrás de Location Unknown



Rosie-xx 3 anos atrás de United Kingdom

XD love tht XD


JH555 3 anos atrás de Estados Unidos

Nice ending. I like the part where he dies. YAY BLOOD!


~SMILY MUFFIN~ 3 anos atrás de United Kingdom

Only the great Sean can break the rules... (Can I call you Sean?) :3


Saintsage777 3 anos atrás de Estados Unidos

Sure thing


True_heart_susie 3 anos atrás de Alemanha

This just epic XD I love the bored expression on your face sean XD just awesome


~Jack~ 3 anos atrás de Austrália

XD 'you best not be hitting on me'


kaomichi 3 anos atrás de Estados Unidos



BlackKnight 3 anos atrás de Estados Unidos

Wow, doesn't that tell it's own story...


Blackstar666 3 anos atrás de Holanda

rule breaker..... ah, who cares? awesome job man.... >:D


Saintsage777 3 anos atrás de Estados Unidos

screw the rules im insane


Blackstar666 3 anos atrás de Holanda

rules exist to be broken


Hariboman11 3 anos atrás de United Kingdom

It said not to change the text but who actually cares, that was the bets interview ever!


Saintsage777 3 anos atrás de Estados Unidos

i am not best known for following rules at times


koa999 3 anos atrás de Dinamarca

XDDDDDDDD what is this japan ?!? XDDDD i had a nosebleed over a girl back in 5th grade..jk..e.e or am I...?

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