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2D World #17 Traduzir este quadrinho

por jon b

Creative Commons Thursday April 26, 2012

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It's still in development, but the theory is to create a wormhole into the 3rd dimension.

Wow! That's so cool.

If I succeed, it will revolutionise our world. Instead of having to go over obstacles one could simply go around them.


So that's the idea. Any questions?

Yeah. Just one.

What's "around"?

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what_a_story 1 ano atrás de Polônia

Well, even the comic characters have their own problems.

Mooie Nellie
Mooie Nellie 2 anos atrás de Holanda

ooooow stupid

lollita136 3 anos atrás de Canadá


leekaryuan 3 anos atrás de Cingapura


time party
time party 3 anos atrás de Nicarágua


Misted beauty
Misted beauty 3 anos atrás de United Kingdom

XD I thought he'd ask about 3D! Cus diagrams would be lines XD

jon b
jon b 3 anos atrás de Austrália

You are right, but it's not a diagram. It's a box (by which I mean a square). It's the invention he is working on.

Misted beauty
Misted beauty 3 anos atrás de United Kingdom

XD Yah yah but if someone tried to make a diagram of what 3D looks like it would appear as a line XD I sound sciency I need a moustache and some eyebrows >:{l SCIENCE FACE!!

Snowylovetiger 2 anos atrás de Estados Unidos

your science face is funny

Misted beauty
Misted beauty 2 anos atrás de United Kingdom


Sir Moiz B
Sir Moiz B 3 anos atrás de Índia


Spider piggy
Spider piggy 3 anos atrás de Antártica


venusazaboy 3 anos atrás de Estados Unidos


Pixel Cake
Pixel Cake 3 anos atrás de United Kingdom

Hm, around doesnt seem to be in hie vocal. XD

Ana Clara 98
Ana Clara 98 3 anos atrás de Brasil


GenevieveW. 3 anos atrás de Turquia